India in 2020

Bangalore , Hebbal Flyover in 2020
Calcutta in 2020
Mysore in 2020

Mumbai in 2020
Cochin in 2020
Delhi in 2020 (Metro rail)
Bhopal in 2020
GOA in 2020
New Indian city (Yet to discover) in 2020
New Indian city 2
[Source unknown]
Those are some graphics generated by computer.

Looks like India is building many huge things now. I guess it would take much less time for India to complete such projects.

Such projects will greatly change ppl’s life in India. Maybe many ppl have already sensed a big number of business opportunities in India from these pictures.

China is very keen on such projects too. It started earlier than India. Nowaday, you can find such grant fly-over, highway, bridges etc. everywhere in China.

China highway 1

China highway 2

China highway 3

Beijing fly-over 1

Beijing fly-over 2
The pictures of Beijing fly-over 1 and 2 are from this site.

These projects have dramatically changed ppl’s life in China.

They shorten the distances between places, accelerating communications but eliminating differences among areas.

Looking at the bigger picture, they are the key components of the “evil” globalization.

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  1. this is my reply to mr fuckfucking…..
    india is a secular nation…..n u don hav any right to abuse any religion ….. india can surely become a superpower only if u ppl stop fighting in the name of religion …..n all those pictures depicted above won be a dream….it will surely be a reality…..nothing is impossible……n don get fucked up man ….. i din know dat ur father is also a fucker …..
    change ur name…. i hav a nice option…..try this
    it must really suit ur personality…

  2. to mr shahid….. i agree to wat mr mushi said….pakisthan powerful HIS ass…..
    pakistan stands at the top in the most fucked up nations according to a rescent survey…
    once again… pakisthan his ass….

  3. Wow, Marvelous bridges. I hope the next time I go to Pakistan, I’ll see more bridges likes these. Pakistan, specially Karachi is developing very rapidly. In last 9 years of Musharraf tenure, they made over 100 flyovers in Karachi.

  4. mr abul hussan

    u know what is fucked?do u see ur mom &dad fucking?how did u know u r their child? its some what called faith….that’s how we have faith

  5. Dream on India… What a bunch of crock. These are not computer-generated images; these are images of various East Asian cities being masqueraded as what future Indian cities will look like. Indians can be such sore-losers.

  6. i tell u wat MR JEFF, the first one HEBBAL FLYOVER has already been constructed jus a few works have to be done (hope will be accomplished witin 2011). the forth MUMBAI in 2020 is also in progress 15% has been accomplshed.
    ask ur papa to get some INDAN NEWS CHANNELs to ur TV so that u cud get updated news of growing india.
    india’s people are far more hard worker than any other country and you must not compare india to any other country, whether FILM MARKET or IT market or bussiness kinda topics india takes one of the top position.
    by 2020 INDIA WILL BE ONE OF THE POWERFULL AND RICHER COUNTRY and as for indian politics i must inform u that shit leaders are being fucked up smoothly by mumbai crime branch officers. IF INDIA PISSES PAKISTAN WILL BE WASHED AWAY so u illiterate pakistanis r informed that all the projects u r watching up is true. all the constructions are under process.

  7. if british had not covered india before 1847, this would be one of the RICHEST COUNTRY OF THE WORLD, even richer than AMERICA. india was called THE BIRD OF GOLDEN, motherfucker britishes have robbed this beautifull india. anyways guys not to be worry india is gonna be like before again soon.

  8. I think its never happens, corruption, corruption, CORRUPTION, selfishness, INDIAN CRAB mentality, Political system, caste system, economical differences, pollution, chaotic traffic system, unproductive education system, failed LAW in justice, pathetic transportation, lethargic GOVT., officials and politicians, uncontrolled population etc etc…. all together mess up INDIAN system. I dont believe India is number one. I am Indian but this is truth. Say from heart dont dream man.

  9. yes i agree with you 100%, if british not ruled ( looted) Indian continent ( India+pakistan+bangladesh) they must have good resources, Now we calling developed countries ( loot, rob poor and you called rich like UK, destroy others and you will be number one is US, etc ) also face the problem in future now its OUR TURN. THEY JUST STARTED IT. ….. LOL…

    they forgot one thing that we are one animal species on earth …. HUMANS. thats called western culture, Ancient Indians are innocent and open heart they gave place to these motherfucker ( excuse me for that word, unfortunately,i dont have good word for them)

    one way it good also we got one single teritory INDIA since we fought TOGETHER againest british otherwise each state will be like new county just like Europe.

    we have still weekness which Brtis used, jelously, and we have social impalance with cast based system. Now also we have it that might be dangerous. no one really thinks that I am Indian, people have mental boudaries like NOTH indian or South Indian, if you are in south then TAMIL; TELUGU; KANNADA; MALLAYALI etc, IF you even go the state then REDDY; NAIDU; CHOUDARY; etc. so we are not UNITE, we are acting like we are united. this is just SYMBIOTIC system becoming PARASITIC system. fighting with in regions, states, districts, casts, ……. WHERE IS UNITY????? except in books. every one remember that WE ARE INDIANS only twice a year AUG 15th JAN 26th. thats all.

  10. What a joke. The photos are all from Japan. India cannot even build The Dehli Metro without it falling over. 600,000,000 open defecaters every day. Ha ha. A superpower at what? Still trying to master indoor plumbing? Keep dreaming you losers. Jai hind.

  11. Who do U think U R talking about India like that…Don’t U know that India is the most beautiful country in the WORLD……

  12. How do you think that India is best….. Where girls are not safe in the night or even in the day time… How can u say that stupid slogan?????

  13. What r u waiting for.. For more crime, more corruption, more disasters ????????? It is better that the world ends before 2020……

  14. In which way u think that INDIA is growing???? In sense of Poverty, Hunger, begging???? Dont u think u should talk about these thing in place of faltu baatein. Dont waste time to sing a song about it……

  15. those pictures are beautiful i strongly belives that india will be like that in 2020.let me tell u something mary we have loads of problems in our country but still we are devloping in a very rapid way,so please try to change ur – attitude india was agreat nation , it is now ,and it will remain so forever after but still u can critisise us because it is good for us .
    i hope i will be able to see ur face after 2020.

  16. Never abuse Pakistan or Pakistanis.

    We broke India in 1947 and made Pakistan. Uddhav Joshi must know we ruled India for 1000 years. Dont cross your limits so that India could remain a country, if you do not need a few other Pakistans from within Bharat.

    Live happy with your bollywood cunts and dont abuse Pakistan anymore.

  17. For Sameer,

    discuss progress, prosperity and development of India, dont abuse Pakistan and dont threat us on net. We have guts to enter, eliminate and takeover.

    Be a good boy.

  18. India a future super power? seriously doubt that! May be when the present superpowers leave earth for other planets with much more resources!!!!hah

  19. if India ever wants to develop they need to do some simple things first:
    1>> forget the divide and rule policy cuz they are not so good at it.
    2>> Leadership of India should not be inherited by birth right!!! If you know what I mean!
    3>> India consist if north, south, east and west not only NORTH!! For gods sake you politicians in the Parliament! There are lots of other states surrounding the northern India. Nah!!
    4>> Being the second most populated country does not mean you have UNLIMITED MAN POWER TO SACRIFICE.
    5>> Judicial system really needs reformation. Cuz its completely tangled up and has a few thousand loose ends!
    6>> riots are not gonna let you get a lot of votes!! and dont be partial when you are a leader!!!
    7>> In every equation there are at least 1 variable value so be care full and dont under estimate.

    India in 2020? a group of people fighting themselves cuz they are completely lost!

  20. India is Fucked up country…Corruption, racism, caste system is still going strong….bhanchod all the india mantrees…all of you hindu’s can suck my dick (RSS)….banday maa dharam lol

  21. i don’t think this is going to be happen in india as i can see in indian ministers mentality to do this, they will do only one this from this and hat how i can earn more GHOSS from each project

  22. u didnt made pak as we shown u de door n expelled u out. unable to defend us directly ur damn govt. is using indirect ways. And, ya! we’l alwys lve happy wtchin B/wood cunts. so do u go n wtch ur damn & rotten pak pussssssssssssy’s.

  23. I dont think that india will do this all things
    bcause m living in india & in india there poor people become more poor & rich beame more richer thats gap has been larger and larger.
    I think this will happen in 2080

  24. I am confused wid all of ur wishes p’pl.
    when i created this world, i decided for all u animals to stay toghether and everything has went well since then but 1 mistake which i realised much later….i gave something called brain to think in u guys which is the only reason why i’ve to take so much of headache…look at the other animals, they don’t hav ny complains…


  25. pakistan was fucking country, its still the same and will be the same. The whole world knows that on partition India (The fastest Growing Country) gave those assholes 75 crore Rs. then they could have got the shelter. and today you bastards are talking bullshit from your ugly mouths for the country who gave has helped you in your bad times.

    your cricketers are the most cheap players across the globe who can sell themselves for a single penny.

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  28. yaa…i m really feeling the mercy for the poor and hungry peoples of india…and i will do something for these one,b/c our religion teaches us this lesson,that always help others…………..but my purpose to mention this point was that,ur corrupt gov is doing nothing for these hungry peoples… he is just wasting the time to dis-stabilize PAKISTAN..And INSHAH ALLAH ur gov will never success in his mission…………OK

  29. dude….we cnt compare coz pakistan s such a humiliating country coz of tht only country the good muslim people all over the world are facing trouble……ur country fucks….india s the best….

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