Jackie Chan vs. Jet Li, who would win?

Just for fun.

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Question: If Jackie Chan and Jet Li had a no holds barred fight unscripted who would win?


  I think Jet Li would win in a no holds barred fight as he just seems to have that killer instinct in his eyes, but in a fight with rules and a ring, I think my money would be on Jackie for his sheer level of experience.
  Jet Li all the way. Jackie Chan is too old, and the only movies he’s in are REALLY bad hollywood money ploys. Jet Li kicks butt in every movie he’s in. I think there should be a movie where Jackie Chan plays Jet Li’s sensei. THAT would be pretty awesome, if i do say so myself…and i do say so, so….
  OMGOSH!!wat kind of question is that?! ofcourse jet li would win…
  i’m pretty sure that jet li would win… because jackie chan is never serious… but jet li is like SO COOL.
  omg…no way.. jackie chan is bomb…hes funny and hes talented in martial arts..also, hes older..so hes wiser.
  Jackie Chan sparred with Jet Li in hong kong. It wasn’t totally serious, but Jackie actually got the better of him. Jackie Chan really plays down his martial arts ability, but several top martial artists have said that he is in fact a great martial artist. Of course Jet Li is very talented also. Wu Shu is more like a dance than for actually brawling.
  Woah back up. That guy who said that the only movie that jackie chan was in were bad hollywood movies obviously hasn’t lived past he age of 9 or just plain ignorant. Jackie chan was one of the best kung fu movie stars back in the day. Police story 1-3, Drunken Master, and Armour of God just to name a few. Jackie chan had the speed and agility of a cheetah and the most amazing endurance. Don’t get me wrong, Jet li is a awsome fighter but put them back when they were both in they’re prime and Jackie would stomp on Jet.
  It is all dependent on who is paid what!
  The environment that they’re put in plays a pretty big role in such a fight, Jackie Chan uses anything and everything in his surrounding environment. Also, the fact that Jackie Chan does his own stunts proves that he can take pain and keep on going.
  we all know the answer for this .jet li will beat jackie chan’s butt beacuse jet has that killer mentality and jackie chan is to old and will not stand a chance against jet li
  jackie chan hands down. He has height advantage over Jet li.
  In a street fight, jackie chan would most likely win due to his innate ablility to keenly use his surroundings. However, in a REAL fight in a closed environment, such as a dojo of sorts, Jet Li would DOMINATE THE SHIIT OUT OF JACKIE CHAN.
  You people are saying that Jackie Chan would use the things that are around him and it’s true, but who said Jet Li Won’t? I agree with the person who wrote that Jackie does his own stunts and get hurt but keeps going, but it also doesn’t mean that Jet Li can’t take any pain. Maybe he doesn’t want to do his own stunts. Maybe they won’t let him do his own stunts. Out of Jackie Chan and Jet Li I like Jet Li better, but just I like him better doesn’t mean that he is the best. I would say he is the best, but if it isn’t true then it just isn’t true. It will be really hard for me to admit if it was true that Jet would lose against Jackie Chan, but if thats the way it is then thats the way it is. It doesn’t mean I don’t like Jackie Chan though. I love Jet and I love Jackie. I really don’t want to judge niether of them because I think that they are both great martial artist.
  If we’re going off film type qualities (as you seem to be “uses his surroundings” and all that) then Jackie Chan would win. Basically, Jet Li’s films involve him beating the crap out of people and not being touched all that much, which is great.Jackie Chan’s films involve Jackie getting the crap kicked out of him, then getting up and beating them down anyway, which is also great.
  So, Jet Li would start laying the smackdown on Chan, and Chan’d be getting in a few blocks, but he’d be taking blows, comically reeling with pained expressions on his face, but he’d still be fine. Li would get tired after the continuous pummeling and start to waiver, then Chan’d knock his block off with his infinite store of energy he so clearly has.
  There that wasn’t so hard was it?
  Real fight though? I’d have to say my money is on Jet Li, he’s younger, Wu Shu champion, so he does have an exceptional background in martial arts, I’m not saying Chan hasn’t but he learnt how to be a stuntman in peking opera school not a dojo or similar. *shrug* Chan’s getting on a bit, he could take less of a beating than Jet Li if they both turned out to have equal skill…
  u no wat?! neither will win…both will never fight against each oter
  jackie chan would totally kick jet li’s butt cuz jackie got style and jet uses force. so style beats force,and even tho jackie is old he could actually dfend himself to many opponents, so that means he could defend himself to jet li no prob.
  these 2 are just actors. they can’t even take an 18 yrs old muay thai fighters……..
  Yes these two are fighter. Jet Li is a Master in China (Buddhist)Visit www.jetli.com These Two would never act what they don’t Understand!

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