Did Zidane head butt Materazzi? 齐祖锤了马特拉齐?

No matter how far we go in technology, people still prefer to believe their own eyes/minds.

Has Zidane head butted Materazzi? Different people have seen different things.

German have seen, 德国人看到的是


French are convinced that Zidane was innocent, 法国人认为齐祖(齐达内)是无辜的,


Italian certainly don’t think so, 意大利人当然不是这么想,


American definetely are more concerned with security in whichever issues, 美国人比较关心恐怖主义,


Worldcup is just a game, especially to Japanese. 日本人比较喜欢打游戏,


Well, to Hong Kong people, there is a rising Kong Fu star(Zidane or Materazzi?). 香港同胞更喜欢武打明星,“我顶你个肺啊”,


Source (图片来源):Zidane headbutt outrage: new video evidence

Finally, this is actually what the press has seen.


4 thoughts on “Did Zidane head butt Materazzi? 齐祖锤了马特拉齐?”

  1. I am a Zidane fan too.

    I actually chuckled while I was watching that, though the result was a bit sad.

    He was so cute to head butt Materazzi.

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