Mixxer- mixes the languages

better day introduced Mixxer to me two months ago, and I have seen some Chinese bloggers discussing it recently.

Mixxer is a free matching system for language learners and teachers. It focuses on the skype users. It currently has near 3000 registered users.

The Mixxer’s UI is simple and intuitive, but it needs a rating system to help learners choose teachers. It is necessary to have a feedback and evaluation system too.

As some learners wrote in their profiles, they are willing to pay for a teaching service, but the Mixxer completely leaves the entire payment process to the users. It does not incorporate any on-line payment system to help the users in the money issue.

Mixxer is most probably setup for non-profit purpose. It is understandable that Mixxer does not have such commercial feature (nor does it have any annoying ads.)

However, should Mixxer be commercialized, how to cash in on the educational matching service would still be its biggest issue. Until now, we have not seen one successful business model for consumer e-learning in the market.

Internet is good for short-term tansaction; learning is a long-term process. These two things have a conflict in their natures.

The one who comes up with the first solution will rule the consumer e-learning market.





如果能解决付费问题(Google checkout?),Skype还可以是个很好的网上私塾平台。



最有可能的是把用户具体联络资料隐藏起来,要给钱才能看。但好的老师一旦有了点名气后就会离开,不再需要Mixxer了,因为一个人能教多少时间多少人基本上都是很有限的(在Private Tutoring的范畴),大量的广告或配对并没有好处。长期下去,留在Mixxer上的老师不会是高素质的,那么一旦收费Mixxer就很难有长期收益。

better day讨论了很久了,但是大家都没有什么头绪。


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