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  1. Thanks! It’s quite difficult to access my own site here. As China has changed so much, I get lost in most of places. 🙂 And it is difficult for me to find a wireless host-spot here.

  2. Welcome to China! It’s a so nice Autumn here. I like the song “Hotel California” very much, thanks for your detailed information about it. 🙂

  3. Nice to see you here. 🙂

    >>Why can not see what I wrote?

    Sorry, your comments were captured by the Askimet just now.

    >>Welcome to China! It’s a so nice Autumn here!

    I am in Guangdong now. It is hot here.

  4. hi david, well, XiaoQiao Podcast is introducing Shanghai now. 🙂 Hope we can deliver Shanghai episode Part 2 in another one week’s time.

    by the way, i am not able to access your blog here. looks like it is blocked by the chinese gateway.

  5. Hi, Jacky, will you visit Shanghai this time? If needed please send me a mail.

    Shanghai changed dramatically in last several years. Shikumen is phasing out of ordinary people’s life. For me, taking Shikumen as a symbol of Shanghai is some nostalgia. If there is some reason to reserve Shikumen, it is for tourist. If you want to introduce real Shanghai to westerners, they will find it is a city of little difference from their own. Thus you have to create an old scenario to attract them which no Shanghainese today lives.

    wordpress.com is blocked in China. In fact, the GFW blocks most of famous blog provided by foreign company. When I setup my blog in wordpress.com, it was not in the blacklist; however, it entered the list after a short period. Anyway I can access it via company proxy so I keep it as it is.

  6. Hi David,

    I take this as an invitation then. 🙂 I am back in Singapore now. My schedule was too tight in this trip. Anyway, Shanghai tops my list. Hope I can meet you there some day.

    I hope there are some better ways to balance between making new and reserving old. The memory of a city has been broken as those old, humble buildings, such as Shikumen, have been replaced by some fashionable towers.

    I’d thought your site had been blocked because of your articles on Tibet. I can access your site now.

  7. 请看我的blog上转载的这个帖子:



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