KangKang’s Intelligent Identification System

Since KangKang recognized his mom and dad at the first time, we have known his Intelligent Identification System(IIS) is working.

And we also know his IIS has been improving along the way.

One night, we brought KangKang out to the playground.

The moon was full and rose just above the tree. The silver and transparent moonlight spread over the playground.

Our KangKang saw the moon. He stood still, looking at the beautiful moon. He was captivated by the beautiful moon.

Slowly, he lifted his hand,pointed to the moon and said,


“Oh … good boy, that is …. not so wrong. ” The grandpa is always considerate to his grandson.

Indeed, both the sun and the full moon are round, so we were very happy that KangKang’s IIS was functioning.

He was about 1 year old then.

I discovered his IIS had improved a lot after one month.

KangKang had a penguin doll, called Huanhuan(欢欢). KangKang liked Huanhuan.


One day, I was working at my computer when KangKang was peeking at the monitor. He saw this picture,

From Kidzone

He immediately pointed to the screen and spoke out,


That’s interesting! I wanted a further test.

I shown him this cartoon on my cell phone.


He kept giggling, “Huanhuan, Huanhuan!”

Amazing! It seemed that an 1 year old boy’s image-identifying system is better than any supper computer’s in the world.

So the new brain-computer-interface technology from Columbia University looks really promising in image-identifying. And I am convinced that similar brain-computer-interface technology can be applied to other Artificial Intelligent System too.

I decided to try out more. I shown him this logo on my computer,



No sweat. That was one of his favorites.

“What is this?”

Microsoft_Windows logo


Not a surprise. Everyone knew what were needed to install Microsoft software. KangKang needed some upgrades in his hardware to recognize that.

KangKang’s IIS works on many other things too.

If his stool is normal, he calls it banana. If it is dry, he calls it grape.

And for his pee, he says, “That’s fruit juice!”

All are things he loves to put into his mouth. His IIS definitely has not yet extended to olfaction at that stage.

Recently, KangKang’s mom has read a comic on mushroom to him.

One day, when KangKang was taking a shower, he suddenly fingered his little bird and laughed,

“Hey, a little Mushroom!”

That’s …. not so wrong.

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