Give me 500k, I will carry a baby for you

To get enough money for studying abroad, a Chinese girl uploaded a video to the net, looking for people who want surrogate mother. The message in the self-intro video is very clear,

“I want to be a surrogate mother and get 500k (USD$65k).”


Here are some points I translate from her intro.

I graduated 4,5 years ago, and work in a company in Shanghai. Everything is fine with me.

But some of my university classmates are doing very well. Some of them marry to very good husbands. Some of them have studied abroad. …

I have a dream. I want to study abroad, especially in the USA. I have had this dream for a

long time. …

I make 4k to 5k RMB a month. But the saving I have is still not enough. …

The cost for studying abroad needs more than 1 million RMB. …

I hope to get the money in a shorter time. …

My family background and my education do not allow me to do bad thing…

I don’t have the capital to start a business. I am not good at it either. …

My friend suggests me to do this. S/he learnt from the foreign web site….

This thing won’t hurt anybody…

Bearing child is difficult for sterility people. …

I am a healthy girl …

I think I am helping other family.

After I persuaded myself, I decide to do this….

I am 25 this year. My height is 1.66m. My weight is 50 kg. …

I take medical checkup every year. …

I have thought of many ways, such as newspaper ads or post on BBSs, to let public know this.

But I think QingYuLe is very popular, and it has video. I feel we can talk face to face in this way, and you can see how I look like. …

Now I let you see my whole health situation.

[Stand up and adjust the camera]

This is the whole me.

[Adjust the camera]

I have saved half million these years. I lack of another half million, so my price is half million. …

I never give birth to a child. …

If you decide, please drop me comment here. Hope you can be satisfied.

That’s all.

She is not from a poor family and does not need to support any ill family member. She has an undergrad degree and works in Shanghai, getting decent paid.

She just wants to get enough money for study abroad.

The video has a big QingYuLe logo shown on the bottom-right corner.  QingYuLe is a YouTube like web site in China. With so many video sharing sites on the market, it is not a surprise that some of them may come up with really innovative ideas to attract eyeballs. But who knows, maybe this girl really considers surrogacy is a fun job to play.

According to the comments left under this video on, the market price for one surrogacy in China is only RMB50k to 100k(USD$6.5k to 13k). So maybe this girl needs to go a bit further, publishing a self-intro video on the net, to get better paid to achieve her dream.

7 thoughts on Give me 500k, I will carry a baby for you

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  2. How interesting!

    Looks like 500k or half million is a symbolic figure: not as rich as 1 million, but is better than nothing.

  3. 我来自北京,现居香港.因正在寻找代母,偶然看了你在网上的录象.US65K已远超出了我们的预算,因此我不可能考虑你,但是你为了实现国外读书的理想而寻找赚钱机会及以视屏方式传播信息的努力令我印象深刻,也佩服你的勇气.




  4. am a single mother of 2 and am interested in becomming a surrogate to any interested couples (gay or lesbians). Am 31 years old mentally active, physically strong, intelligent and in good health.

    If you’re interested please contact me with information about yourself and details of the arrangement you’re looking for. Feel free to contact me anytime. I am excited to help you begin a happy


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