A bridge connecting my friends and me, the world and my mind. And hopefully it can become a bridge that connects the West and the East.

I am working on the XiaoQiao project. I hope this project can help bridge the gap between the West and East.

Inspired by Mr. Preetam Rai.

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  1. hello,
    i’m happy to know you accidentally.
    i’m a freshman and interested in singapore.
    i want to know wheather singapore is really a good place for improving English.
    i really hope you can give me some advice.
    please tell me what work are you doing,if you don’t mind.

  2. Hi ivory,

    Thanks for the comment.

    Frankly speaking, I don’t think Singapore is the best place to learn authentic English.

    Chinese native speakers can easily survive here without knowing the basic English. That is the advantage of Singapore, but it is a disadvantage to English learners. You have to reach out for opportunities to improve your English. It takes strong initiative and self-discipline.

    The Sin-glish is another issue may concern those English learners here, because most of the local people speak Sin-glish, a kind of localized English which has loose grammar and may not be recognized by people from other countries.

    On the other hand, Singapore is a multi-culture society, with about 75% Chinese, 15% Malay, 7% Indian and 3% other ethnics. And it is a global city. You can dine out with German, play tennis with Australian, go swimming with American, backpack with Indian, drink tea with Japanese or party with Malaysian, as long as you do not confine yourself to your own ethnic group. Singapore offers you enough opportunities to develop a truly global sense.

  3. thank you for your elaborate reply.
    i know more about Singapore,and wheather it’s difficult to be admitted to the public university?are the public universities in singapore better than that in China?

    many questions i want to ask and i am at lost

  4. Hi Ivory,

    In terms of overall facilities and environment, Singapore’s universities are much better than most of China’s universities, including those top ones. The National University of Singapore’s ranking is higher than any China’s university in most of college ranking reports.

    However, if you want to find the best fit college for yourself, it is not a good idea to make such big decision by just following the rankings. I would suggest you make a campus visit to the Singapore’s universities.

  5. Hi,

    I randomly found your blog by the Hibiscus project. I really like the posting here and it helps me, a Chinese reside in U.S., to know more about China. for example, I didn’t hear about the Teacher’s strike in Huadu at all. it just echos my interests in education reform in China as well as other political issues. I recommend you to watch a PBS documentation “China from the inside”. http://www.pbs.org/kqed/chinainside/ if you have a chance check it out.

    thanks again and hope to join your discussion,


  6. Hi Lisa,

    Thanks you so much for the comment. I am slack, floppy. Sometimes I feel the blogging kill too much of my time. I am happy you find this site help you know more about China. This really encourages me to keep on blogging.

    The “China from the inside” is very nice site. Thanks for the link.


  7. Yes, I agree. it’s not easy to maintain a blog. I often jot down my thoughts in journal but not really can be a good essay to share on my blog. still i hope to write more and invoke more thoughts among my friends. keep up your good work!

  8. just listened to a XiaoQiao podcast. You need better mike/sound equipment. Maybe you need to pad your room walls with blankets/carpet/towels as there is too much echo. 🙂

    Great effort ladies. We’ve listed you at http://harro.com


  9. Hi jacky, 从”教育中文翻译”翻译网站上知道你。看了你的blog,觉得内容和格调都非常好。给人很清新的感觉:)


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    msn: tom_zys#hotmail.com
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  10. Salamat Pagi Jacky!

    Should I paste my message here? haha I left one @ ur language thread.

    Singaporean? anyway, still wanna ask something about Indonesian.

    May I know ur mail address,if you are a msn user please add me xindy19@hotmail. I am a gmail user as well, but now i have a connecting problem with it, so…shity!

    Your site is super =) dunno will you reply me, coz just noticed the Language was posted on 2006, long time ago, *finger crossed*

    Hope to hear from you 😉 Te ri ma ka sih for sharing the infomation =)

    Salamat Malan
    Kirei Yume Wo Mite

    Hati Hati


    P.S: Actually I know some words already, but still want to learn more from you =)

  11. What we need is all different kinds of bridges other than walls. Thank you for what you did in this blog! By the way, I cannot open dotSub.com.

  12. Thanks for your comment. Looks like I need to update my blog more often.

    The dotSub is blocked in China. You need to use software like Free Gate or TOR to view such sites.

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