Is there a shopping mall in India?

A Chinese student wants to share his experience in India. He posted a note on Chinadaily BBS to invite ppl to chat with him.

He is studying in India. Rare enough. However, there are not many replies to his post.

When I followed the replies, I found these interesting comments.

what do you know about india on earth?
tell me the truth please, is there a shopping mall there? which city have you been there?

“Is there a shopping mall there?” I remember I was asked similarly about China years before.

This guy did not believe, but his evident is Indian should speak good English.


your word express you don’t stay in india, english is mother language there,even if you are chinese,stay indian so long time you should speak perfect english. …

Well, I must say that at least he knows many Indian speak English. Not so bad.

When I asked ppl in China, “What do Indian speak?”

Often, I got this answer.

“Er..they speak Indian.”

Chinese know much less about India, their close neighbour, than about the US.



權術之劍割破人權之鞘 .王健民


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