Are these from the real Korean textbook?

Recently, there are quite a number of posts about Korean history textbook come up in the Chinese BBSs. Most of the posts show the similar list of pictures. See the links below and the pictures taken from the BBSs in the bottom.

In 2005, South Korea successfully got Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage proclamation for its Gangneung Danoje Festival (Dano Festival) from UNESCO. The Dano Festival falls on the same day of the the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival. Many Chinese believe the Dano Festival comes from the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, therefore they accuse Korean of stealing the title of that heritage from China.  

This time someone dug out a Korean history textbook, scanned and posted on the Chinese BBSs. These historical maps, which show ancient Korean had occupied big part of the Chinese territory,  are completely different from what Chinese learn in the schools. This inevitably spurred some uproars on Chinese BBSs. They’re bashing Korean for distorting the history and trying to steal Chinese land.

What intriguing me is, one of my Korean friend told me that she had never seen such a Korean history textbook in Korean.

I am not in a position to verify the validity of the history here. I see the problem of cross-cultural communication again in these posts.

The information of these posts may be wrong, but none of the Chinese is able/willing to verify this troll. The animosity to Korean is seeded by these posts on the China side, while people in Korean have no clue of what is happening.

Can anyone tell me these are real Korean history textbook? If it is, what is the book talking about?

I hope Korean can join the conversation.

If there is a fight, let’s fight on the net. By all means, a web war is better than any real war.












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