Singapore-China web war

A homesick Singapore exchange student was getting some bad time in Xi’an and posted some explicitive laden negative complains on her blog. These entries were cross-posted in It spurred a (small) uproar on Chinese internet.

Many people have this view on – a Singapore meta blog, another place the home sick girl was discussed.

the people of china can be very nationalistic and any attacks on their beloved country(or anything to do with it) spells trouble for the critic.

I also expected to see lots of attacks on the SEP girl when I came to But I am quite surprised to see that almost half of the Chinese comments are neutral actually, and close to one fourth of them support the girl to some extent.

Quite a number of ppl said it was not right to cross-post other’s blog without the author’s consent.

作者:假使公主堕落 回复日期:2006-4-11 23:56:27

人家怎么想是一回事 人家是写在自己BLOG里的


That is a comment of its kinds. Generally, it means:

Whatever she wrote was her business. She wrote in her personal blog and did not post in a public forum. It was no good to cross-post other’s blog without the author’s consent.

Many ppl shared this point of view, “She just a immature girl, no big deal.”

作者:闲愁非关风和月 回复日期:2006-4-12 23:24:53
当看到 “I learnt that in China, 80% of the ppl are BAD.”偶笑了,有什么好生气的,感觉像个小学生.

This guy said, “When I read, ‘I learnt that in China, 80% of the ppl are BAD.’ I laughed. No big deal, just a primary school girl.”

作者:fishifish 回复日期:2006-4-14 08:45:29
看完了,觉得这姑娘像是没见过什么世面, 从小给惯坏了的那种.

This comment read, “She’s just a spoiled girl, inexperience. However, she did not make up the stories.”

作者:l100083 回复日期:2006-4-12 10:05:01


This one read, “She is just a spoiled student studying abroad, not able to adapt to the change, and complain about everything. China ppl love China; Singapore ppl love Singapore; that is natural. Her language was too extreme. However, she put it in her personal blog. … Don’t get angry. Some of what she said are truth. We should work hard on these. … Hope Singaporean or ppl from other countries would die to come to China for education one day.

Some ppl even reminded that many ppl in China have similar complains and ppl need to do a lot to make China a better country.

作者:人活着快乐就好 回复日期:2006-4-12 22:58:05


This guy said, “What about our own speech? We openly insulted Cantonese, Hunanese, Shanghainese, etc. on the internet too. She just made some complains in her blog. Who is better?”

作者:没有不散的筵席 回复日期:2006-4-15 14:31:03 

  The Kungfu performance was fantastic. All of them are highly skilled! Really like in the Kungfu movies!

This commented, “Some guys just picked those worst words to translate. That is not honest and kind. It’s obvious that they were trying to make trouble. … There are lots of things for us to improve. … In terms of hardware, we need to catch up. Just don’t like she said 80% Chinese were bad.

作者:choonhau 回复日期:2006-5-6 21:38:04 

  2。计划生育(即文中所提的one-child policy)除了为中国控制人口做出贡献以外,是否对个人的成长造成负面的影响?

This one is long. Here are some of my translations,

“I am studying in Singapore, at the same university…
Compared with Singapore, China needs to improve lots of things.
And she stayed far from home along, she is uncomfortable to anything not familiar.
…Her language was too extreme on the net, she might not consider what China ppl would think after reading.
…She did not understand the point of the Student Exchange Program. Maybe it reflects the flaws of Singapore’s education system too.
Except those irrational parts, her comments on China are not irrelevant.
1. Should we review our education system. …
2. Does the One-child Policy make negative influence on personal development?
3. Is our society corrupting, losing trust between its members? …
4. When we get any negative feedback from others, shall we just think of fighting back? …
1. I am sure, Xi’an is not the best city in China, but it is not that bad in many aspects. (compared with some other cities.)
2. Singaporean does not discriminate China ppl. On the contrary, they are very friendly and sincere to China ppl.

Though superangry cross-posted the blog, she did not release the SEP girl’s email address or blog link even when a few ppl kept asking for it.

Chinese net users are getting mature. ppl who study or travel to Singapore help others understand the situation better.

Sometimes even a friend who have been to Singapore can help ppl clear the misunderstanding between both sides.

Globalization helps people become more tolerant and accommodating.

Even such web war will help people understand each other better.

However, I would say, fortunately, the SEP girl is not a Japanese student.

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  1. All right, we have seen China’s ppl supporting the Singapore girl. Now, we have a Singapore ppl lecturing the Singapore girl. 🙂

    I hope more China’s ppl can read this comment.

    Such web war really helps ppl better understand each other. It is much better than a economic or turist sanction. At least, it is better than a real war.

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