Singapore – the most Podcast aware nation?

Search “Podcast” on Google Trends, and click the Regions tab you will get the following diagram,

Singapore tops the list.

That means, out of all the search on google, Singapore has higher percentage of Podcast search than the United States, a country where the Podcast was born.

Does that mean Singapornean are more aware of Podcast? It could be.

But there are some factors besides listenership may affect the list.

  1. Listeners use other search engines to look for Podcast. For example, users in the States may prefer iTunes or Yahoo than Google as the Podcast search platform.
  2. Users in other countries search so many other topics that dilute the Podcast search.

Google Trends is a very interesting tool to know the users’ behavior on internet.

Search “China”, you will find Singapore is just behind Hong Kong.


That means many Singapornean are interested in China, which is not a surprise as Chinese is Singapore’s majority.

But when I search “Asian babe”, Singapore is in the second place too!


“Asian babe” is a term used in porn graphics search. Does that mean Singapornean are hypocrites and sex maniac? It could be. 🙂

But when I search “Play boy”, South America countries occupy the top 10 list.


One possible explaination: different countries use different terms to search porn pictures.

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