Salaries of China’s Top Executives

A Shanghai-based consulting firm recently published a report on the annual salary of top executives in China’s listed companies. 

According to the report, in 2006, the average annual salary of those top executives increased 18% compared with that of year 2005.

The happy man below is the top earner.

He is the chairman of Shenzhen Development Bank.  He got US$ 1.3 million for his salary last year. 

The second person in the list is the General Manager of CIMC, a container manufacturer.  He earned US$ 760,000 salary last year.  The top executive from Bank of China follows with a salary of US$ 730,000. 

These figures do not include the share value they have.

The annual salary of the least-earners maybe more interesting.  If we make a list with the least-earner of the China’s listed companies, we can have these three on top.

1. ST. TongCheng (Retailing), US$ 2,500

2. XianChengShiYe(Textile), US$2,600

3. JinHuaLuJian (Chemicals), US$ 2,610

They earn less than manager’s monthly income in Singapore. 

The consultant makes a special statement in the report, “Retain a suspicion of the integrity of these companies and the authenticity and integrity of the information disclosed.”

Maybe these executives are China’s Lee Iacocca. 

Who knows.

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