Toes Are to Tickle

The Toes Are to Tickle is about a day of the life of an US family. It is written in the eyes of the kids. The colorful illustrations are bright side notes of the playful story. I chuckled as the lines such as “Bird are to chase.” and “A purse is to empty.” reminded me what KangKang usually did everyday. And the breezy rhythm makes the story easy to read.

I read this story to KangKang last night, but he did not enjoy the book so much as his dad did. Probably that’s because Chinese is now his most frequent used language. Furthermore, some scenes of the book are in the US which our KangKang has never seen before.


Toes Are to Tickle

– by Shen Roddie, Kady MacDonald Denton (Illustrator)


Morning is for waking up!


An egg is to dip.

Bread is for more jam, please.

Milk is to give some to the cat.


Clothes are for putting on…

and pulling off.

A mirror is for making faces.


Toes are to tickle.

Shoes are for taking feet out for a walk.


A stroller is for pushing.

A see-saw is for feeling funny in the tummy.

Ducks are to feed.

Bird are to chase.

Flowers are to smell.

A tree is hide behind.

Wind is to blow in your face.

Laughing is so everyone  knows you’re happy.


Blankets are for making tents.

Chairs are for climbing.

Boxes are to see what’s in them.

A purse is to empty.

Books are to choose from.

Toys are for taking out.

A cat is to love.


Peas are for counting. Jell-O is for wobbling.


Teeth are to brush up and down.

A bath is for sailing.


Daddy is for one last ride.


Mommy is for one more cuddle…

one more story…

and kissing good night.


Good night!

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