Toes Are to Tickle

The Toes Are to Tickle is about a day of the life of an US family. It is written in the eyes of the kids. The colorful illustrations are bright side notes of the playful story. I chuckled as the lines such as “Bird are to chase.” and “A purse is to empty.” reminded me what KangKang usually did everyday. And the breezy rhythm makes the story easy to read.

I read this story to KangKang last night, but he did not enjoy the book so much as his dad did. Probably that’s because Chinese is now his most frequent used language. Furthermore, some scenes of the book are in the US which our KangKang has never seen before.

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在little bridge上相遇。:)

《中国人与日本人》 - 林语堂
《中日两国网民在BBS上的巨大反差》 - 小娄(不能确认是否原作者)



My Country And My People


It is a book written by Mr. Lin Yutang in 1935. This is a very good book helps you understand China. It covers most things of Chinese normal life.

Interestingly, it helps me, a person from China, understand his home country better. I know most of the things, such as Chinese women’s life, the tea-drinking tradition, Mr. Lin talked about. Those are so common to my life that I have never tried to understand their meaning and influence to me. Mr. Lin, with profound knowledge to both the East and the West, refreshed my view to many things about China by this book.